Volume 9 Issue 2

Volume 9 Issue 2 of Abasyn Journal of Social Sciences in now available online. Click Link to Download.


Consumers’ Purchase Intentions towards Global Brands: Psychological Underpinnings [Download] 309
Doing Good Is Doing Right: Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Attitude and Behavior [Download] 329
Does industrial growth and capital expenditure induce corporate financing behaviour in Pakistan? The role of domestic credit growth and equity markets [Download] 342
Impact of Islamic Work Ethics on employees’ behavior: Case of Kabul based organizations, Afghanistan [Download] 366
The Mediating Effect of Job Stress on Work Overload and Organizational Performance in the Banking Industry [Download] 376
Impact of Workplace Ostracism on Counter Productive Work Behaviors: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction [Download] 388
Cyberloafing Behavior at Work [Download] 409
Perceived Authentic Leadership, Work-Related Flow, and Creative Work Behavior: Moderating Role of Organizational Structures [Download] 426
Systematic and Idiosyncratic Risk Analysis of Banking and Insurance Sector of Pakistan [Download] 442
An Empirical Investigation into the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction on the Linkage between Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance [Download] 454
An exploratory evidence of practice, motivations, and barriers to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa [Download] 475
Impact of Consumer Beliefs on Beef Buying Intention in Pakistan: An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior [Download] 495
Is Asset Growth Priced? [Download] 509
The Determinants of the Cost of Equity: Evidence from Pakistan [Download] 527